When Cats Are Part of the Process

There is one thing about cats and that they are very independent.   When you don't want them someplace that is where they seem to want to be.  Today my cat Porter was very much into my photo shoot, It was hard to say "scat" to him when he is so cute an loveable.

I would love to hear  your adventures with animals and how they make your work, fun, tolerable or the "Bain of your existence".

catstudio (2).JPG

Whats on the Easel Today

Working on some of my old flower pictures... I thought that this was headed in the right direction but i ended up adding more flowers and painting out the background to a nice grey black.

I tried using some chalk and inks to paint in some detail.... I don't know.

Its time to hang it up and think on it.

How many times have you painted over a painting or just started again because it wasn't going anywhere?

flower black background (3).JPG

Bring on the Flowers

It has been so hot here.... I am not complaining but that just isn't normal for the Seattle area.  We love our sun,  when it comes out we want to take advantage of it.   So when it gets hot here ( I am talking above 80- don't laugh)  and we have to find a cool shady space I have been hiding out in my studio with a great fan blowing away.   So my choice of painting flowers has been a no brainer,That and I am taking this awesome class from Lynn Whipple colager extrodinaire.  

 Bowl of Flowers

Bowl of Flowers

4th of July

Quisque iaculis facilisis lacinia. Mauris euismod pellentesque tellus sit amet mollis.
— Hope K.

Freedom, BBQ, Fireworks and Friends.  Keep safe... One year at Seattle Children s Hospital, we were trying to find some art project that would be great for the 4th of July.   I decided on a really safe and sane fireworks... Bubble-wrap!   Just lay out the really large bubble wrap and have the kids jump all over it.   I also found out that there is nothing better for stress than twisting the smaller bubble wrap or poking a few yourself.