My Story

I have been involved in making art most of my life. Growing up on a farm in the Palouse, I discovered many creative ways to express myself. After taking a few detours I eventually found my path and graduated from the University of Washington in Fine Art.

Breaking away from art, I worked many interesting jobs. Staying home to raise my three girls, I found art again designing and eventually starting 'Mary,Mary' a handpainted art company for kids which was successful for over 25 years.

I now work at Seattle Children's Hospital, finding cool and creative art projects for the kids to experience there. In my spare time I am finally able to make and create the kind of art I really enjoy.

My pictures happen from inspiration, color and what I am feeling at the moment. I never really know how they will turn out. The final touches come, I play with it, and when I have an idea of what that picture wants to say. Usually working on several pieces at a once, it often takes a bit of time until they are all finished. Its all part of my creative process

Working with recycled items is a favorite, adding them to the mix or using them as tools for texture. The various creative additions, techniques and supplies are endless, I try to dabble in as many as I can.

I truly hope you enjoy my art as much as I've had fun making it!